Spring Classes

Class descriptions are below.   

Schedule may change without notice.

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Sunday              8:30a - 9:30a           Yoga in the Park begins June 3rd!

 Sunday             4:00p – 5:15p          Gentle Yoga 

Monday               5:30p – 6:45p           Flow Yoga

Tuesday              6:00 - 7:00a                Sunrise Yoga

 Tuesday            5:30 - 6:30p              Yoga Fundamentals

Wednesday        6:00 - 7:30a               Ashtanga Modified or Primary Series

Wednesday        5:30 - 6:30p               Yin Yoga

Thursday            5:30 - 6:45p              Strong and Soft Yoga

Friday                  5:30p – 6:30p           Happy Hour

Saturday             8:30a – 9:45a          Ashtanga Modified Series

New Student Offer

New students enjoy a special "get-to-know-us" offer . Attend as many classes as you  want in your first 20 days for just $20. Purchase your special pass on our Shop page or in the studio.

Yoga in the Park

Third annual Yoga in the Park begins on Sunday, June 3rd! Join us at 8:30am on Sunday mornings June 3rd through July 29th for this donation based class. We will meet at Independence Park, near the playground. Practice begins at 8:30. Donations for this class help us to provide yoga to the broader community. There is plenty of shade, byt if you prefer the sun, bring sunscreen, and some natural insect repellent. Don't forget your water and a yoga mat or beach towel to practice on (unless you prefer to practice on the grass!)egan is offering a free 4 week series for beginners. 

Gentle Yoga: May Include Restorative Yoga, yin yoga, or Yoga Nidra

In Restorative Yoga, you will revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing exercises, slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching.

During these long holds, your muscles relax deeply. It's a completely different feeling from other types of yoga classes since props are used to support your body instead of your muscles. Restorative classes are very mellow, making them a good complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress. 

Yin Yoga is also a relaxed practice including mostly floor postures. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes. Yin emphasizes the connective tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine. By drawing our awareness away from the muscles (typically the focus in yang practice), and deeper into the ligaments and tendons, we can achieve a deep level of relaxed focus.  Stillness is cultivated throughout the practice.  After this class you will feel like you worked and moved in a different, yet intense way. 

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice cultivating connection to our true nature, and to Self-awareness. This connection helps us to increase calm, reduce stress, and enjoy a more peaceful, healthful life.  You will experience yogic sleep, which is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.  The body is completely relaxed and the practitioner becomes increasingly aware of their inner world by following spoken instructions. 

Strong and Soft Yoga

This class focuses on creating balance between strength,  stability, ease and flexibility. It is for anyone who would like to improve mobility, through developing strength and stability while reducing tight or tense muscles, and creating ease in the body. We will work on alignment, gentle stretching and breath, as well as gentle strengthening. This class will help you to develop strength and freedom of movement in your legs, hips, shoulders, back, and abdominal core muscles. This class is open to anyone and is  a great compliment to the Beginners Series, though it is not required to take the series to join this class.

Ashtanga Primary Series

Literally, “The Eight Limbed Path”.  This practice takes you through the Primary Series as taught by Pattabhi Jois.  It is, as he often stated, “99% practice and 1% theory.”  The sequence is based on specific postures and focused breathing, and it is the same routine each time we practice.  This is our most challenging class and is also very rewarding when practiced regularly and allowed to unfold in one’s body, mind and soul.  Don’t be intimidated though – each posture has multiple modifications to fit your own body and particular desire for practice.

Ashtanga Modified Series

A shortened version of the Primary series. This class has fewer vinyasas and fewer postures. It encourages building heat in the body by aligning breath and movement. This class will help you to begin building strength and flexibility.


If you’re new to yoga or have fallen out of practice, getting started can be intimidating. This 6 week yoga for beginners series is the perfect way to ease into a yoga routine!

This gentle series is focused on helping you start a yoga habit. You can worry about more strenuous poses later when yoga has become part of your day-to-day!

Check the schedule or reach out to find out when the net series begins.

This is not a drop-in class. Registration for the full series is required, and can be done in the studio, or on the Shop page.  Punch cards or Monthly passes cannot be used for this series. Sign up with friends and save! Sign up with two friends and you each receive a 10% discount! Sign up with 3 or more friends and you each receive a 20% discount!

Yoga Fundamentals

New to Yoga? This is the place to start. Focus will be on breath, poses, and self-awareness. Everyone is welcome!

Happy Hour

Looking for a yoga class that can really take the edge off? Then you're in the right place! Every Friday at 5:30pm we meet at the Marshall Yoga Shala for a 1 hour yoga class. After class we roll up our mats and enjoy a  complimentary beverage.

Flow Yoga

This Vinyasa style Yoga Flow practice is accessible to all levels. There is a primary focus on hip opening, gentle lunging and twisting. This class is ideal for the beginning yoga student or regular yogi who wants to tone it down for the day.  A great option if you are expecting!

Sunrise Yoga

Start your day with 60 minutes of beautiful, gentle movement connected to breath. A great way to energize and set the tone for your day.

Private Classes

Private individual and group classes available by request. If you want individual instruction to deepen your practice or work on a specific issue, this is the place to start. We also offer special private group classes for any occasion. Email or call for details and to schedule.

Corporate Classes

Corporate classes available by request. Yoga practices are great in the corporate setting to reduce stress and fatigue, and to improve focus and well-being. Email or call for details and to schedule.