Where You Can Find Us!

Community Classes

Anne Marie is teaching yoga through Marshall Community Ed. Check out their current booklet for details! http://online.fliphtml5.com/ficn/ccoq/

  • Lynn is teaching classes around the community:

    • Gentle Yoga on Wednesdays at 6pm at Balanced Health Chiropractic of Marshall

    • Sunday Yoga at 2 pm at Stella + Poppy in Granite Falls

  • Lynn is also teaching a few classes a week at her hOMe studio. check Lynn Van Patten Yoga on Facebook for upcoming details.

Private individual or group classes -Don't forget, if you would like private classes for yourself or your group, contact us, and we can certainly come to you!

Private Classes

Private individual and group classes available by request. If you want individual instruction to deepen your practice or work on a specific issue, this is the place to start. We also offer special private group classes for any occasion. Email or call for details and to schedule.

Corporate Classes

Corporate classes available by request. Yoga practices are great in the corporate setting to reduce stress and fatigue, and to improve focus and well-being. Email or call for details and to schedule.