February, special in so many ways...

Wow! January is nearly gone, only a few more weeks of winter in #theboldnorth

February is a special month in many ways, not the least of which is the Super Bowl. How excited are we to be the host state this year? So many fun things happening around the stadium.

February is also special because it is the shortest month, and is the only month of the year that can pass without having a single full moon, as is the case this year. Our next full moon is Wednesday, January 31st, and then we won't have another until Thursday, March 1st.

In addition, February is the only month that can have four full 7-day weeks. This happens only once every 6 years, and twice every 11 years!

But, perhaps the biggest reason that February is special to most of us, is Valentine's Day. It's the time when we focus on someone special in our lives. Our sweetheart, our best friend, our sister or brother, our child. We may shower them with flowers and chocolates or other special treats, and create a special event to enjoy with them.

At Marshall Yoga Shala, we consider yoga practices to be something very special to share with the ones we love. That's why we are offering a special Valentine's unlimited couples pass for February!

Whatever makes up your special couple, you can both enjoy all the classes you like for the month of february at a special price!

These special Valentine's unlimited passes are available now to purchase in the studio or on line. You can find more information here:  https://www.marshallyogashala.com/new-products/monthly-unlimited-pass-ldnss-p75da

Our regular monthly unlimited pass is still available as well!  https://www.marshallyogashala.com/new-products/monthly-unlimited-pass-ldnss